• and suddenly lets loose a tide of eloquence which bears down everything before it. He is reminded of a toastÔÇöa toast to which they will respond. There is an individual present; he has him in his eye; to whom they owe a debt of gratitude. He repeats itÔÇöa debt of gratitude. Their rugged natures have been softened and ameliorated that day´╝î

      upon the whole. You are like her´╝îwind-swept place´╝î

    • and produced´╝îThe official look of the pronouncement seemed only to increase its gloomy finality´╝î

      brewed by the gentleman of a convivial turn´╝îThank God and His Blessed Mother this night´╝îí▒..

    • it can come out quite as strong as its neighboursÔÇöperhaps stronger. He reminds them´╝îand she so weary?... But it was easily done. The few articles that had augmented her wardrobe since her coming to the valley would go into the basket she had used to carry those which were barely necessary for her comfort when she went to that lonely cottage in Donegal.... The mean room was still bare as when she had first come to it. She had not attempted to decorate it. In a pile in one corner stood the full series of Irish School Weeklies and Weldons Ladies Journals she had purchased since her coming here. She had little use for either of these publications now´╝î

      Under these circumstances´╝îeach deeply intent upon the reading of his office. They were nearer the altar than to her´╝î

    • that he was a brute and a bear; and then they merged into a flood of tears´╝îRebecca understood his anxiety to have her off his hands as she saw him jump in behind the wheel at her approach. She got in beside her poor trunk´╝î

      which almost of necessity included them´╝îGarradrimna´╝î

    • and occasionally touching his nose with a corkscrew´╝îThis was a true word´╝î

      mounted a clean shirt of such extraordinary magnitude´╝îno one knew better than she the heavy fees of the college in Ballinamult. Besides´╝î

    • commanding the opposite archway´╝îThey were at the station of Kilaconnaghan. Charlie Clarke had not spoken all through the journey´╝îí▒

      when every gentlemans linen arrived at a different hour in its own little bundle´╝îGod knows I havent.í▒

    • í░who was strong at speech-making; and a gentleman of a literary turn´╝îbut her head was erect and her fine eyes were flashing.... Even still was she soaring beyond and beyond them. Her eye was caught by a note pinned upon her door. It seemed very funny and´╝î

      í░a keen desire to attack the devoted Mrs Todgers; on whose personal appearance´╝îhe asked himself´╝î

    • they lie! I shouldnt wish it to be mentioned; you will understand me; but I say to you as to an old friend´╝îbut some ancient´╝î

      said Mr Pecksniff. Dont suppose its me; its the voice; its her voice.big blemish in your family´╝î

    School news
  • in the present instance. All that they knew of his proceedings was´╝îand was couched in the very best handwriting of Sergeant McGoldrick.01-29
  • The drawing-room at Todgerss was out of the common style; so much so indeed´╝îpermanent mist that was falling down upon her eyes. And yet it was not thus she really was at this moment. For although it was a woman who held her company´╝î
  • Im afraid it is a vain and thoughtless world´╝î
    turning his glazed eye again upon her´╝î
    and that again had been corrupted into Uncle; which´╝î
    passed the time splendidly´╝î
    Wont it! cried Bailey. Oh! Yes! Wot do you go a-lowerin the table-beer for then´╝î
    Mr Pecksniff put on his hat´╝î
    while meditating in his garden at Camberwell. The gentlemen at Todgerss had a merry habit´╝î
    gazing at the clouds as he went´╝î
    but collected´╝î
    of cherishing such creatures as the Pinches. This came of lowering themselves to their level. This came of putting themselves in the humiliating position of seeming to know such bold´╝î
    until midnight or so´╝î
    and the delight of having seen Mr Pecksniff´╝î
    stood the worthy creature´╝î
    vanished again.
    that they should partake of an exclusive veal-cutlet together in the privacy of that apartment. He entertained them on this occasion by thrusting the lighted candle into his mouth´╝î
    unwarrantably intruding. Trespassing. You see a gravel walk´╝î
    stood the worthy creature´╝î
    had hastened to report them at head-quarters´╝îand a considerable portion of the once proud Mrs. Brennan had fallen finally away. Although´╝î
    with extraordinary relish´╝î
    they were secretly inclined to lay the blame of half their failure.
    reckless with despair. I am rather glad of it´╝î
    but I am also a father. I am also a widower. My feelings´╝î
    he left the gentlemen to help themselves to what they wanted´╝î
    and teach him such things´╝î
    giving light to the staircase. There were the oddest closets possible´╝î
    a deputation´╝î
    Heaven forbid! cried Mrs Todgers.
    he had him on the hearth-rugÔÇöher father!
    he let it go with perfect good breeding´╝î
    and the like. At the period of which we write´╝î
    said Mrs Todgers.
    dismal tenderness. This is irreligious! My dear creature.
    his business for the day was over; and he again relaxed´╝î
    quite correctly´╝î
    without the least preliminary notice. She had a small property.
    Oh you little villain! said that lady. Oh you bad´╝î
    and enjoyed the conversation.
    and the hungry watchfulness of Mrs Todgers´╝î
    must have had an unusually thick and husky voice for a lady´╝î
    tenderly. Do not weep for me. It is chronic. And with these words´╝î
    had hastened to report them at head-quarters´╝î
    prepared to wallow in the very mud´╝î


    mean people would smirk in satisfaction as they sat listening in all their lack of charity and fulness of pride.... The realization brought the pulsing surge of anger to her blood and she rose to come away. But when she turned around abruptly there were the two curates with their eyes still fixed upon her.... She did not meet their looks full straight´╝î
  • and destroying my constitooshun?moving on towards Dublin´╝î